What’s To Like About It?

I had a martial arts instructor for many years.   I was not a naturally gifted student.  I was not a difficult student.  But I may have been a bit of a challenge.  And I say that with a bit of a grin on my face as I write that.   Things did not come easy for me.  I am pretty sure it would be fair to say that my instructors rolled their eyes at me more often than I rolled my eyes at them. One day this particular instructor looked at me after I must have hesitated or balked about fighting or getting punched or something along those lines.  With a bit of exasperation (my perception) he said “Colleen you’re afraid of pain”.

I don’t remember what I responded then.  But I’ve thought about that comment for years.

And years.

And I just want to make something very clear.

I’m not afraid of pain.

I am very clear of one thing.


I do not mind avoiding it at all costs.

And I’m okay with that.