The World Demands

The worlds exists.

I exist.

This is not a coincidence.

I am expected to be of this world.

And this world demands that I am.


Of this world.

I exist here.

I Exist

Yet the world calls on me.

And demands of me.

To be.


To exist.

Egypt Shadows

Where there is story.

Japan Shadows

History with others.

Who existed long ago.

Where magnificence and glory form both power and peace.


It demands I take notice.

Where the softness of water-

Breaks apart the arrogance of stone.


It is expected of me.

To wonder at the color of raw nature.


It is hoped that I will appreciate the effort it takes-

To exist and create in extremes.


I should not exist.

In this world.

Without appreciating and experiencing the world and I existing –


Thank you Google Images for help with my travels