Love In The Walls

I freely admit I am an emotional sap.  I can cry over commercials.  I full out weep watching people audition for those reality talent shows, who everyone doubts at the sight of them and then they  bring thousands of people to their feet at the sound of their voice.  I can find a picture of someone I didn’t know, from fifty years ago, wonder what that picture day was like for them and wonder what their life was like.  And then I hope it was good and full and happy.

I love the history of real people.  I love the stories of paths traveled in a lifetime that affect lives in another life time.

And I use this wonder, curiosity and emotional overload every day.

It makes for a very colorful life.

Thank God.

So last night and today we are again working on our house.   A house that other people used to live in, and others before them, and someone before them built it.   We moved in and have recolored, recovered and changed literally every inch of this house.  And we continue.   But in the process I wonder.  I wonder about the police officer who built this house and where his family is now.  I wonder about the young couple who moved in after.   And I often think about the little bitty woman who we bought it from.  When we started re-constructing this house to fit us it was not with the intention of erasing the lives lived here before us.  On the contrary, it was to add our lives to the lives already lived here.

So, while I paint and build I wonder about the people, who, decades from now will be deconstructing what we are doing now.  To make this house their home for them, then.

And I want them to wonder about me.  And my life.  And the lives of the people who were before me.  And the lives of the people who came and went from this house while we were here.  So I wrote a note to the future.

Because I know my home will someday be a house purchased by someone else to turn in to their own home.   And I hope that whoever that is….wonders about me.   Like I wonder about everyone who lived here, before me.  We are building a wall over this wall and I hope someone, someday, finds this note and yells to their spouse “HEY COME AND LOOK AT THIS!”

I then returned to painting on another wall.   And filled with the emotion of home, and building lives I decided I needed to paint love in to the walls.  Because I certainly splatter it about my life freely.  I want this house and all who enter it to know that there is love here.  Literally painted in to the walls.   With the life lived here.

Call me sappy.  It’s okay.   I’ve left surprises all through this house.   For anyone who comes in after us.  To live a life, and love the living of it.   I hope it’s someone as sappy as me.  Who wants life full of emotional color.


(And wait until you see the pictures of the hidden fort that will be built within.  Every kid needs a fort.  So does every Mamo and Po.   Maybe we should call it Fort PoMo or Fort MoPo ?)