+World By Bike+

Favorite Bike Jersey

I like to ride my bike.

And see things by bike.

One Of St. Patrick's Wells Northern Ireland

One of St. Patrick’s Wells in Ireland.

And Bikes To Ride.

Old National Road Depot/Ohio

Rustic history.




My answer to his question.

ConvoySome rides have a story.

Channeling Elvis I Think

Channeling Elvis I Think

Some Rides Deserve Dessert.

Alabama Beach

Alabama Beach

And I had no idea I was this close to…..

Unexpected Florida!

Check another state off of my list!


Little Bikers

Little Trykers

On Little Trikes

Hocking Colors

Colors of Hocking County Ohio

Alabama Trees

Sun and Trees in Alabama

Bridge Of Dreams

Bridge of Dreams By Bike

Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Mountains of Northern Ireland

Mountains of Northern Ireland

Donegal, Ireland

Rivers of Ireland

Rivers of Northern Ireland

Officer Brown

My Law Enforcement Outfit

No, I am not a Law Enforcement Officer

But I play one in this picture.

Inismhore Ireland

My Great Great Grandfather’s Grave




Black Fort

Black Fort





New York State

Below the Falls.

Rusty Bike Ireland

I am jealous of this rusty bike.

It sits on atop a hill in Ireland.


Pennsylvania you are so pretty.

Black Fort And Atlantic Ocean

Black Fort and the Atlantic Ocean


New York State

New York State

Bridge to Nowhere

Not anymore.

Pennsylvania Waterfalls

Pennsylvania Waterfalls.

I love a waterfall.

Pennsylvania Waterfalls

So why not see another one?

Steps To Final Resting Place

Bike and steps to someone’s final resting place.

It was an intense and serious monumental monument.

House size.

New York State Diner

New York State Diner

None Finer.

Canals and Locks

Canals and Locks

Roscoe Village


Prospect Place Plantation or Mansion

I had no idea there were “plantations” in Ohio.

This was built by an abolitionist and part of the Underground Railroad

Prospect Place Plantation

Prospect Place Plantation or Mansion

According to the historical marker it was built in 1856 for the cost of $50,000

29 rooms

Not quite 10,000 square feet of living.

I looked it up and was fascinated by it’s building ingenuity for the times.

And it’s history.

Big Basket

If you see the World’s Biggest anything you should take it’s picture.

World’s Biggest Basket

Dresden, Ohio

Bike Tree

I couldn’t do justice to this tree.

It was huge.

And I love the static bike,

The moving bike,

and the biker.

Bike Meet History

I love riding to see history.


Murals in Centerburg.

Railroad Miles

I travel trails that others saw in different form.

In different times.

Thank You Farmers

Miles and miles and miles.

Of our farmers hard work.

Knox County Poor House

And rising out of the fields unexpectedly…

A monster of a building.

It felt ominous.

I didn’t know any history.

Do you see anything in the picture below?

What Do You See?

I’m not telling you in case it’s just me.

Looked up the history of this place when I could.

Built originally as a poor house.

Don’t believe every haunted story you read about this place.

Hint:  there were no elevators.

Tunnel In Kentucky


You are beautiful.

Today you were hot and beautiful.

Morgan's Kitchen

Morgan’s Kitchen

West Virginia

Federal Troops/The Union Army

Were fed from here during the civil war.

Bikes In TreesWhen you are out in the world on bikes

What is it you would like to see

But bikes and bikes hanging from trees!

Harmar, Ohio

Classic Car

When standing about the oldest towns

It’s wonderful to step back a few decades in to it’s past

When the old cars come by.

Marietta, Ohio

Tunnel Art

Tunnel Art

River Trail

Marietta Ohio

Ohio River

Ohio River

 Getting There

Just. Yes. Please.

Crossing Bridges

Out of the way bridge .

Worth going out of the way for.

Cloudy Threat

No worries.

Bridge to Bridge to Bridge

Bridge to bridge to bridge.

 Bike Ride Clouds

Bike Ride Clouds-before the down pour!

Self Portrait

My favorite picture of me.

Falling Down

Along the railroads the houses sat.

Now there are no railroads.

And the houses come falling down.

West Virginia


Tunnels of W. Virginia trail.

Last Fire

Ruins along the trails…

In The Corner

…of W. Virginia.

Bike Cobblestone

German Village

Train Bridge


Curved Bridge



Northern Ohio

4th of July

Flag Lady


Worth Trying To Capture

Somewhere in the rain.

Cool World

Along the trail.

If you were paying attention.  😉

On Top Of The Tower

140 feet above the bike.

But the bike brought me here.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


It’s pretty intriguing.

I like bridges and I like bridges that don’t have cars.

And I like old things that people built that continue to exist.

Even if it’s just for my eyes.

Bicycle and Red Bridge

I love towns that pretty up their world and repurpose old areas into beautiful parks.


30 thoughts on “+World By Bike+

  1. Robin says:

    Great page, CM! Are you going to keep adding to it? I hope so. That way I can see even more places by bike. 🙂


    • Yes! I’m glad you like it. I can’t wait to add past photos (some of these are past but there are many more places we’ve been). Yesterday we found a plantation, didn’t know Ohio had one. And an abandoned and magnificent old building that used to be a poor house.


  2. Awesome! Also, love the sketch!


  3. Amazing collection. Loved it 🙂


  4. markbialczak says:

    You make life go round, MBC. Thank you for sharing all of this here.


  5. Just browsing around and first post, Inis Mor pictures! How lovely! Xx


  6. Great shots! Biking is a true joy.


  7. just2letters says:

    I love cycling too 😍 It offers numerous benefits. Aside from it is eco-friendly transpo for us to go to different places, it also helps us to live a healthy and stress-free life 😊
    So keep riding, keep exploring and keep inspiring, chatter master 😚


  8. What a cool post! Such an amazing array of interesting photos with tons of great memories I’m sure attached to the moments too.


  9. This makes me happy. I used to love riding my bike. I haven’t been able to do so in awhile so thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!


  10. Nemorino says:

    Traveling by bike is the best way to see things.


  11. Taralyn says:

    Amazing !! Breath taking photos!


  12. Nemorino says:

    Nice photo collection! Travelling by bike is really the best way.


  13. AGOM says:

    I am in two of the pics❤️❤️❤️


  14. lbeth1950 says:

    You have some great images here!


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